Uli Müller, Free University of Berlin, Neurobiology, D-14195 Berlin, Germany

I am interested in the mechanisms underlying learning and memory. In the recent years we primarily focused on the function of different intracellular signaling cascades in associative and non-associative learning in honeybees. Our aim is to understand how features of external stimuli modulate the temporal activation of distinct second messenger cascades and how this relates to neuronal and behavioral changes. We address the role of different sensory modalities, work on the contribution of different brain areas, like antennal lobes and mushroom bodies, and analyze the impact of development on learning. Moreover we started to investigate how individual behavior is influenced by various internal and external factors. Based on our knowledge of the processes underlying distinct features of learning we investigate how factors like pheromones, satiation, circadian rhythm, etc. interfere with these processes and how this relates to changes in behavior.

Selected recent publications:

WWW: http://www.neurobiologie.fu-berlin.de
Email: muelleru@neurobiologie.fu-berlin.de

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