Jeniffer H. Fewell, Division of Biological Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Dr. Fewell's area of research is the behavioral ecology and evolution of social insects. She is interested in the evolution of task organization in social insects. Her current work focuses on how intrinsic variation in task performance by individual workers affects colony patterns of division of labor. She is testing a model hypothesizing that division of labor can self-organize from variation among workers in their intrinsic sensitivity to different tasks. Additionally, she is examining the role of genotypic variation in colony task performance. Dr. Fewell's research uses both honey bees and ants as model systems. She uses both behavioral and genetic techniques in her empirical work, including RAPD analysis and gel electrophoresis. Additionally, she is interested in social insect foraging ecology. Her work in this area examines flexibility in individual foraging decisions, as well as the role of foraging energetics and nutrient diversity in foraging strategy

Selected recent publications:


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