Future Activities (A Proposal for 2001)


The workgroup proposed to meet again at SFI in 2001. The objectives will be the same as listed above. However, group members want to meet for 5 days and organize into the following subgroups:

1. Emergent properties of social groups with high and low genetic diversity

2. Theoretic foundations

3. Communication and social integration (regulation of task allocation)

4. Transitions: solitary to social changes in social organization with group size

Groups will address approaches to understanding these issues and develop specific collaborative experiments. Members will report research results from work stimulated by this meeting.


Some workgroup members would like to use SFI facilities as a location where they can meet to establish collaborative projects. This was especially expressed by Stig Omholt and Jean-Louis Deneubourg who would like to spend some time at SFI developing new modeling approaches that incorporate different levels of behavioral organization. This activity would probably also include Eric Bonabeau and would integrate well with the NSF funded modeling workshop we are planning.


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