Arnd Baumann, Institut fuer Biologische Informationsverarbeitung, Forschungszentrum Juelich, D-52425 Juelich, Germany

I am interested in the molecular analysis of components of signal transduction pathways in neurons of invertebrates. In recent years we have cloned different members of ion channel- as well as biogenic amine-receptor gene- families from Drosophila and the honeybee. We used heterologous expression systems to determine the electrical properties of the ion channels as well as the pharmacological and signal transduction capabilities of the receptor proteins. Since these approaches allow to study the properties of identified components individually a forthcoming issue is to investigate whether some of these components might act in concert at the cellular level in vivo. Therefore, we are currently applying immunohistochemical methods to unravel the cellular distribution and developmental expression profile(s) of the proteins. Biogenic amine receptors are discussed as important modulators of learning and behavior in different phyla. We suspect that our approaches will contribute to a further understanding of the molecular events that relate the function of identified signaling molecules, i.e. channels and receptors to the output of complex neuronal networks that lead to changes of the animals behavior.

Selected recent publications:


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