The group discussed "deliverables" for SFI as a consequence of our activities.


We determined to establish a website for our activities with links to SFI. This website was designed and set up by Dr. Zachary Huang and is now fully operational (


We agreed to acknowledge the "Santa Fe Institute Social Insects Working Group" in all publications derived from ideas or collaborations established with this workgroup. After some time, we will publish a collection of the papers derived from the activities of this workgroup.


The workgroup agreed to pursue external funding to continue its activities at SFI. Dr. Kukuk, a former program officer at NSF, agreed to prepare an NSF Incubation Proposal to submit March 1, 2001. This proposal will be entitled "Developmental ontogeny and evolutionary transitions between levels of complexity: models in social insects." The incubation grant will provide resources to develop an NSF Research Coordination Networks in Biological Sciences proposal to submit in June 2001.

Dr. Mitchell agreed to write an NSF proposal to fund an SFI workshop on "Modeling complexity across levels: social insect societies as multilevel integrated systems." This workshop, if funded, will be held in the spring, 2001.

-- Rober Page

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